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Friday, June 15, 2012

Instagram - Week in Review 7

Summer is here. 
Can you smell it? Thought so. 
Smells like suntan lotion, honeysuckle, the farmers market, and magnolia blossoms.
Well at least that's what summer smells like to me. 
Life has been busy lately. But, that's just how I like it!
A full life is a happy life to me. 
Let's take a look back and see what life has been full of lately, shall we?
farmers market greens. nothing like'em. 
they taste even better than they look!

let me introduce you to my ultimate favorite salad dressing. 
on top of being the best tasting & most versatile bottled dressing I've ever had,
like all newman's own products, all profits go to charity. 
it's a good thing.

beautiful & bountiful summer salads.
full of sliced radishes, avocados, cucumbers, yellow tomatoes, and shredded carrots. 
yes. please. 

loving the top-knot. 
prefect hair-do for those hot-humidity filled days/nights. 

it's unreal how much I adore this furry mush. 

pretty summer clouds I like to refer to as "the simpsons" clouds. 
in fact I hear "the simpsons" theme song in my crazy head every time I see these fluffy things.
true story. 

this stuff smells ridiculously good. 
yes, I use it for myself.
no, I am not expecting. 

found: fabulous starburst mirror from home depot
say what?
yeah, you heard right.
thanks Marty Stewart!

new fave flavor combo:
strawberries + basil.
jump on it.

decade day @ school.
the 1700's?
you & one of my 4th graders guessed it.
[oh my my]

late night shot on location @ strong mansion during a catering job. 
goodnight moon. 

adorable end-of-unit projects presented by my kiddos. 
hard working students = proud teacher 

the models of maturity.

these hottie tottie jalapenos are growing on our front porch.

my momma's hope bracelet. 
she wears it as a prayer reminder for those she knows who are suffering.
special lady.

my killer-crazy shorts from target
I think I'm in love.

sometimes my food-blogger jargon gets the best of me. 

just creepin' on my hubby's ridiculously long lashes.
totally jealous over here. 

antipasta kebabs I made for one of my dearest friend's birthday. 
so simple to make -- just a little tedious -- but so worth it! 
just layer mini mozzarella balls, olives, salami, cooked tortellini, and grape tomatoes 
however you'd like. drizzle with lemon juice & chill before serving

pure joy is what you see on my face. 
that's what happens when I get to see one of my favorite little chunks. 
auntie sando's cup runneth over. 

Jeter the golden, got a little jealous. 
so he got some auntie sando lovin' too! 

crossing the bay bridge only means one thing. 
we're on the way to the BEACH!

helloooo vacation
and backpack chairs. 

steal magnolias. 
wait, steel magnolias?

boardwalk fries. 
my beach treat.
loaded with extra old bay & extra malt vinegar. 
yeaaah buddy.

being by the water makes my heart [and body]
jump for joy.

his love [and patience] 
also makes me quite joyful. 
wishing you all a happy weekend,
full of lots of joy
and remember...
"be kinder than necessary for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle"



At June 16, 2012 at 12:58 AM , Blogger Jade @ An Organized Mess said...

Oh my word. As I read each little piece of this post, I felt that I made a connection with each thing! Here are a few that I can remember:

1. I see that you have a cat, which means I adore you instantly. :) {I have two of my own, as well!}
2.I am -obsessed- with the Lavender Bed-Time Baby Lotion.
3. Those Antipasta Kabobs look absolutely delicious.
4. You & your hubby are absolutely adorable! :)

Needless to say, you now have a new follower! :)

At June 18, 2012 at 1:27 PM , Blogger Alissa F said...

MMM!! This entire post just made me super hungry.


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