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Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Top 5

I feel like we haven't really talked in a while 
[insert awkward silence]
well, let's catch up! 

1. the top 5 cooking tips... as of today 
  • CLEAN AS YOU GO. This one took some practice! It was kind of forced practice in my old kitchen, which was literally the smallest kitchen on Earth. Maybe 10 sq. feet. Seriously. I could sit in the corner and wash the entire floor-with out moving!! So I HAD to clean as I went or else I ran out of space, period. Any who-- cleaning as you go helps for lots of reasons even if you have the biggest kitchen out there. It keeps your ingredients organized [less mistakes]. Putting away ingredients after you use them will keep them fresh and less likely to spoil. And it just keeps things moving. Which means less clean-up time + more relaxing 'that was really yummy' time. 
  • Know Your Pantry. The more you know whatcha got the easier it is to create recipes + swap in and out ingredients as needed.
  • Stock Your Spice Rack. This one can get a little expensive. So something I used to do is each time I went to the grocery store (2-3 times per month) I would invest in a new spice/oil to add to my collection. I would highly reccomened investing in the basics, but also stepping out of your comfort zone with spices will have you trying new dishes you perhaps wouldn't think you could cook. Plus, having a wide selection of spices keeps things fun and low in fat because you're adding flavor without a ton of calories. 
  • Recipes are Only a Guideline. When reading a recipe don't let ingredients you don't like keep you from making it. Always adapt recipes to what you and your other eaters love. If you hate cilantro-- don't use it!!
  • Taste As You Go!! As much as I love to sample as I cook, this tip can actually be tough for me. Sometimes I get into such a whirlwind in the kitchen by the time I get my food on the plate, I sometimes wish I hadn't added that shake of salt or extra sprinkle of red pepper flakes. Tasting as you go will help you stay on top of the flavors you are combining. Remember you can always add more, waiting until the end to taste is too late, Nate! 
2. the top 5 things I LOVE about this time of year
  • SUNSHINE!! This time of year the sunshine just engulfs me in happiness. And the days are getting so much longer...which means more sunshine! 
  • Bright Colors. They are every where! Everything from rugs, to napkins, to spring fashion is bursting with bright colors. And well, that just brings a grin to my face.
lovely rugs found @ Garnet Hill

Tea Towels from West Elm
[let's face it. anything from this place would be welcome in our home.]

Spool No. 72 is responsible for this bright + colorful dress. 
  • Running! Those that know me probably just did a double-take. Yes, I said running. I used to say that I only run if I'm being chased...But lately its been so beautiful outside I find myself being an eager-beaver to get home from school and go for a little jog. The temp is ideal. Not too hot. I DO NOT LIKE TO BE HOT. Those that know me, will agree with that statement. I become a very angry-snappy version of myself when I'm too hot and without a cool body of water to dunk myself into. Hence the love I have for the current perfect running temperatures.

  • Farmers Markets. It's the most wonderful time...of the year! [bet you just sang it in your head too] We're heading into the glorious months of homegrown, fresh produce right off the truck! Here in Frederick, MD we have a fabulous Farmers Market that is actually starting up this coming weekend {May 5th}. Draws a huge crowd and has quite a diverse group of vendors. Everything from fresh mixed salad greens, cookies + pies, goat cheeses, typical fruits + veggies, and fresh cut flowers. For more about our local markets click here. Not a local Fredericktonian? Be sure to find out what markets are going on in your area. If nothing else, go for the experience... it makes for a lovely Saturday morning if ya ask me!

  • Flowers! I always admired great gardening, however I just recently discovered my green thumb. Ever since I've been diving into the gardening world with arms wide open. We have a super small "green-space"- so it's just right for my beginner status. So far I have mastered [with the help of mom] a small herb garden + a few stacked container plants. Baby steps. 
exhibit A. 

3. the top 5 things I'm pinning [we're talking Pinterest peeps!]

An instagram gallery. Brilliant!!
all those fabulous photos don't have to live in instagram-land. 
you can display them to see + love everyday. 
definitely going on the summer-project list!

so fresh + pretty for a spring-time arrangement.

these etsy prints are so sweet! usually thought of as a children's song, 
You Are My Sunshine is actually the song my husband sings to me. 
awwwwww. pretty mushy lovey-dovey huh? HA! 
sorry. won't happen again. [psshht, who am I kiddin'?!]

"Use tape to measure distance between the two holes, 
then put the tape on the wall." Sometimes Pinterest just makes me feel dumb.
Do you know how many times I could have used this trick. 
[why didn't I think of this??!] 

I find this to be absolutely true. 

4. the top media-buzzing story I'm following...
  • RGIII!! It's the end of an era and the beginning of an era. Basically the end of the Redskins sucking and the beginning of them well... not sucking. RGIII or Robert Griffin the 3rd has officially been drafted for quarterback in the upcoming NFL season. As a long-time diehard Skins fan, I have to say I feel a sense of hope. I also feel a sense of pressure for this dude. Everyone has huge expectations for this guy... let's hope he can live UP to the hype!

5 . the top 5 amusing things this week...
  1. I was so entranced [zombie-zoned] while working on my computer and "watching" SMASH, that when I finally glanced up at the TV, I was no longer looking at Kathrine McPhee prance around the stage but heavy-weight boxers "jitterbuggin" and beating the shiz out of each other. WHOA! Apparently when I want to, I can focus
  2. Overheard one of my male students planning his outfit aloud to a friend, "Nah man, if I wear my skinny-jeans with those shoes it throws the whole look off." Dude- I totally get it.   
  3. While trying to run into the house with arms full of groceries I am boggled as to why my keyless entry remote control to my car just will NOT open my front door. [here's your sign!]
  4. Listened to a woman carry on a full conversation, on speaker phone, in the dressing room next to mine. Uh hello, did this lady miss the memo? If your convo is that important, your clothes can wait. I learned more about this woman in 10 minutes via broadcasted phone call than I know about some of my co-workers. T-M-I!!
  5. Falling off the sidewalk while trying to read an email on my phone. Yep. That happened. Luckily no one but my clumsy self got to witness that one. 
funny because it's true.

glad we had a chance to chittie-chat. 
same time next week?


At April 30, 2012 at 8:18 AM , Anonymous gail erdos said...

excellent!!! great tips/humor! at my daycamp (in york) the horse that lived there was named Sunshine, so we sang this song every day. love it!

At April 30, 2012 at 1:49 PM , Blogger Joan said...

Regarding spices: For my bridal shower my mom had everyone bring a recipe and a spice that's used in the recipe. Our spice collection went from minimal to maximum. Such a great idea for future brides :)

And keyless entry: you can get keyless entry to your home! If only I weren't a renter...


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