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Monday, April 23, 2012

Girls Night Out- Downtown Frederick

Nothing like starting the week with a temperature drop of 30 degrees, rain and a stressful hour-long meeting. Talk about a whiplash back into reality. I was sweating working outside whilst in capri-pants, short sleeves, and flip-flops on Saturday. And now they're calling for snow in parts of western MD?? As my always quotable team leader would say, "Excuse me and do what??!" I'm usually not one to complain about the weather. But this year has been down right ridiculous with its seemingly confused weather patterns. Let's go back to a happier time, shall we?! A pleasant memory where my biggest concern was "should we walk or wait for the limo?" Ha! Oh memories... 
 Sweet memories coming atcha: Girls Night Out- Downtown Frederick
[Thursday, April 19th] Tickets were $15 which included a 
20% off shopping pass at 4 fabulous local shops. 
Plus signature cocktails at each store, yummy bites AND limo rides! Whoop whoop! 
Best part...all of the ticket proceeds benefited the Heartly House
[fun + philanthropy?!]
we had a blast playing with the props + posing at Silk & Burlap's photo booth 
with Virginia based photographer Robin Altice

one of my favorite ladies around sadly couldn't join us on this outing 
because she was too busy being fabulous and working the event @ Velvet Lounge.

arm candy--all in! spotted: matching turquoise + pink bracelets. 
yeah, those were our "entry" armbands to let each shop know we've paid [score!]. 
Oh and can ya tell we were just a tad excited for our limo transport from shop-to-shop?? 
[spoiled rotten]

doing what we do best.
[perching, posing, and party rockin']

LOVED the signature cocktail at Venus on the Half Shell. It had just the slightest hint of rosemary. All of their tasty treats + drinks were created by Veggie Annie
Which included these little bits of heaven...almond macaroons. [um, swoon]

scooped up this sweet vintage chip + dip platter from Venus on the Half Shell
Not only is it adorable, it's also perched atop a lazy-susan. It's a twofer!

Silk & Burlap was bumping the jams as we perused their tremendous selection. Always a good sign when an old friend (and beer rep) is mixing your drinks [thanks, Amanda!] This store is quickly becoming one of my favorites in town. LOVE their style from top-to-bottom and all the bits in between. In fact they may be a bit dangerous [on second thought...nahhh]. 
They have everything a girl could want in there...for herself + her habitat. 
Check it out for yourself...if you haven't already.
last but not least, this pretty green necklace. another fab find of the night. this treasure coming from the standard of coolness when it comes to Frederick-female-fashion...
the original downtown boutique...Velvet Lounge.
Now, grab a bunch of your favorite gals and get ready for the next one.
These events are FUN [with a capital F!]
A great excuse for a night out with the girls plus a little charity work. 
#Winning all around! Not sure when the next one will be...
but to make sure you're ready, go ahead and like their Facebook page here
That way next time, you'll be right there with us making some of those swell memories. 
Thanks so much to all who helped put on this event--it really was such treat! And big thanks goes out to the Heartly House for all the amazing work you do. 
Feels good to know we have contributed to a portion of the good deeds you do everyday.

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At June 1, 2012 at 9:40 AM , Anonymous Robin Altice said...

Sando, thanks for the shout-out! That was such an awesome night! I can't wait to see everyone again at the next GNO this winter!


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